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30,000 mindful breaths / uważnych oddechów

Ponad 30,000 uważnych oddechów!!! / More than 30,000 mindful breaths were taken!!! All in intention to calm down the world’s anxiety. You can check yourself what is the current number. Thank you all who joined! Wszystkie one zostały wykonane w intencji ukojenia światowego niepokoju. Sprawdź sam, jaka jest dokładna liczba. Dziękuję tym, co wzięli udział! #BreathingForWorld

Overpopulation race

We are just too many on this small planet. Overpopulation is the result of the competition between nations. More people -> more potential soldiers. More consumption -> bigger economy -> greater potential for weapon production. Who stays behind, will be eaten. No choice. To survive we must multiply and produce. Be a hero – buy…