Texts written in English

Fighting the Fire at SMZC

Our property is covered by a forest. 1/3 of it got burnt. Residents fought the fire to stop it before the buildings. / Posesja, na której znajduje się SMZC, w większości jest pokryta lasem, z którego 1/3 spłonęła. Mieszkańcy walczyli z ogniem, aby nie dotarł do zabudów.

The Glow Seen from Sonoma Mountain

This is the glow seen from Sonoma Mountain in the day of evacuation i.e.  October 9, 2017.  The glow was practically in the range of 180° around us. Between 2AM and 3AM it significantly rose. Every few seconds, we heard explosions of gas containers. It was the moment I realized that nothing would save us.