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Overpopulation race

We are just too many on this small planet. Overpopulation is the result of the competition between nations. More people -> more potential soldiers. More consumption -> bigger economy -> greater potential for weapon production. Who stays behind, will be eaten. No choice. To survive we must multiply and produce. Be a hero – buy…

Street Retreat Impressions

For 5 days, we lived together with homeless people on the streets of Washington DC. We slept 3 minutes from The White House in the area inhabited by the richest Americans. We had no wallets and no cell phones. We ate at soup kitchens, hung out in parks, begged and mainly talked to people we…

Roadmap for June-July 2019

5/28 – 6/17: Sanshin Bloomington, IN 6/17: Columbus, OH 6/17-18: Rochester, NY 6/18 – 7/1: Zen Mountain Monastery 7/1-4: New York, NY 7/5 – 8/4: Poznań (with some exceptions) ? 7/7-8: Warszawa/Kąciki ? 7/22-30: Sopatowiec 8/4: New York, NY

Sesshin at Sanshin in Indiana

I’ve been reading Realizing Genjokoan by Shōhaku Okumura Roshi and I wanted to come and see how he practice for a long time. Everyone worn me: “they sit crazy amount of time and they do not do anything else”. “That’s perfect” – I thought. I came to attend 5-day sesshin on May 29 – June…

Rape — A History of Shame

My psychotherapist friend Wiola Rebe is going to Rwanda to research consequences of rape. Her studies are cross-cultured and focused on shame as the main inhibiting factor in recovery. I decided to donate something in order she could continue her research. Please, help her too. Donate here. Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/rapeahistoryofshame/